Hey! I’m Cat

I left my paradise home on Oahu, Hawaii to pursue a graphic design career in Southern California. In 2016 I graduated with a degree in Graphic Design. In between working various design jobs throughout Los Angeles and Orange County, I married my husband and settled down in sweet, little Redlands, California. In 2018, Finn and Tonic Co. was created and I’m so happy you’re here to see all we have to offer!


I’m Finn!

I was rescued from a pound when I was a tiny pup by my Mom and Dad. I’m the OOD (Official Office Dog) of the company. I don’t do much work, but I did help inspire the name! I love my bones and back scratches, but most important I love keeping my mom company during all the long work days. My mom also said I’m here to add extra cuteness to her website.

*cue the heart eyes and awwwws*