DIY Kissing Booth

It’s Valentine’s Day, love is in the air, roses are in pretty vases, chocolate is everywhere you look AND there is a puppy in a kissing booth. What more could you want?!



This project was so easy and so inexpensive to make. If you need a cute party prop or photo booth, this is it! It’s also perfect for kid and baby photos, I just don’t one of those. For under $30 and less than an hour of your time you can have your own kissing booth up and running!




  1. Cut wood dowel to appropriate height. This will differ depending on who the booth is for and how high you will want the banner. I cut each of mine to about 2 ft. high.

  2. Attach the dowels to the bottom of the crate. I used hot glue but if you would like this to be more permanent or sturdy, drill the dowels onto the crate.

  3. Once both dowels are attached, wrap them with fringe garland. I used 2 sets of garland, one for each pole. Hot glue the start of the garland to the pole before wrapping and then the end to the top of the pole. This will help prevent unraveling.

  4. Next, attach your banner to the tops of the poles. I used the string that came with the banner and wrapped it around each one.

  5. I stained the frame of my chalkboard sign with a grey stain to better match my booth. You can choose to stain yours or simply leave it as is.

  6. Write and decorate your chalkboard sign however you please and enjoy your kissing booth! 😘